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This article is from Borland's Tips&TI's which is available in my site. Answer: BDE Error 000F usually indicates that the buffer manager ran out of memory, though there may be other causes for this error. Label: database 5 Responses so far. This is the metadata USERID INTEGER NOT NULL, MODULEID INTEGER NOT NULL, MODULENAME VARCHAR(50), ACCESS_LEVEL INTEGER, APPROVAL_LEVEL INTEGER, DEFAULT_DEPARTMENT INTEGER, DEPARTMENT_LIST VARCHAR(4096), GUI_FIELD_LIST VARCHAR(4096), GL_BUDGET_PREP VARCHAR(128), GL_FUND_LIST VARCHAR(4096), GL_DEPT_LIST VARCHAR(4096), GL_READ_ACCT_LIST http://onlinetvsoftware.net/bde-error/bde-error-000f.php

I can't believe that. We'll see how it works out. We are using BDE version 5.01, Delphi 5 and interbase 6. Database, process,...).

Thread Tools Display Modes #1 06-23-2000, 10:43 AM N/A Guest Posts: n/a BDE run time exception $000F Does anybody know the meaning of this code? #2 Quote> Hi, > we use Delphi V and MSSQL via ODBC. The datasource more cotrols the traffic and connection rules ie: Read only, Select, delete, insert, update, et al. Or go on a site of Borlanda, on them where that there was a document and the program of output of the text message about . 5 Reply by Zandr 2013-01-15

In a nutshell: It's an app that monitors a IBM as400 file/table that stores integration errors. Quote> Hi Walcir, > I use a TQuery and just say "SELECT * FROM MAKRO WHERE ID = n". > Only one record is selected by this statement, but this record I plan on just polling the query object directly. The matter was complicated because the effect of the error showed up in another non related task (which returned no records on a normal simple query-not embedded in a try ..except)

Donate and get one of these (>£1, >£20, >£100 total): Donate Or you could go Ad-free for £1.80 per month Go Ad-Free New Reviews British Warship Recognition Vol.II seaweed, Sep 30, What does this mean?Answer: BDE Error 000F usually indicates that the buffer manager ran out of memory, though there may be other causes for this error. Thanks, ghost_us, Oct 23, 2007 #1 UberSoldat I havent really used the database that much to be honest, I looked into the error and it states 'the buffer manager run I cannot really describe what's > > > the reason for it, but it occurs, when I select only one record, > > > which includes large memo-fields. > > >

I have never used Delphi or C++. Butthe error is still there.Has anyone an idea which problems or statements can raise this event??The developer company of the application says that the BDE is to slowfor the application..... In the last time we > > > often get the BDE Error 000F. BDE Error $000F 7.

Increasing the BDE SHAREDMEMSIZE parameter in BDE Admin may solve the problem, or just delay the error from occuring. BDE Error $000F 2. Thanks for your help. Anyway, the error was occurring when I opened a query component and activated it.

thx, carsten willems Walcir Augusto Wehrl Delphi Developer Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT Re:BDE Error 000F Are you using TTable or TQuery ? I had tried the same what u suggested but it didnt have any effect the problem still persist. It appears when the empty seat on a work disk comes nearer to digits, multiple 4. Search this thread only Your Content Advanced Search »register to remove ad»advertise here Welcome to the Army Rumour Service, ARRSE The UK's largest and busiest UNofficial military website.The heart of the

I can do it "by hand" with the extraction with PerfMon4.exe an save it in a CSV-File. Sometime the application gives me a BDE alert (BDE Error$000F). Army Rumour Service Home Forums > Technology > Gaming and Software > Navy Net Families Dating Army Phone Cases Boots Pensions Military Solicitors eBay Amazon Home Home Quick Links Search Forums http://onlinetvsoftware.net/bde-error/bde-error-000f-oracle.php Walcir Carsten Willems escreveu nas notcias de mensagem:[email protected]

If you would have any more tip or thing to do in order to learn more about this strange behaviour, I would be very happy. regards Roger Thread at a glance: Previous Message by Date: File structure of PerfMon4 log files Hello there I need to extract some counters from the Windows NT 4.0 performance log I had this one using SQL 6.5 and BDE 5.1.

bde 5.2 application running on bde 5.11 6.

Altering the start sequence of both tasks made the error disappear for a while. I have never used Delphi or C++. star wars galaxies and nhandled exception (thread 000f) 1 post • Page:1 of 1 All times are UTC Board index Spam Report Log in or Sign up Army Rumour Service Home If you...Reply Posted by Suzanne Acke on Jul 24 2000BDE Error 000FA possible cause of the infamous $000F error can also be the presence of (too) many MEMO (Blob) fields in

In earlier Version theyused ADO, but with ADO there were a lot of other problems (exceptions,slow performance,...). Altering the start sequence of both tasks made the error disappear for a while. thegimp replied Oct 2, 2016 at 8:34 AM The truth at last - You all... check my blog What does this mean?

Password Lost Password? Do you think if I just remove all bound controls and read from the query object I should be ok? Because I have to do this every week I want to programm an exe file which does my job. Has anyone this information??