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Is this a feature or is this a bug ??? URGENT: 16bit BDE Error 8708 [$2204], Sorting ?? 6. Any suggestions? Team Delphi Developer Sat, 10 May 2003 03:00:00 GMT Re:BDE error Record/Key Deleted BDE-Error:8708 The problem is that the BDE tries to reread the record after it is posted.

how do I know the constant for the base category??? BDE Error 8708 accessing SQL Anywhere 5. Once a row is inflicted with this error it will not go away. >Even an unload/load does not make it go away. BDE Error 8708 "record/key deleted" 3.

The same application written in Delphi 1 runs just fine (urrgh). ULH errors 7. Help:Record/Key Deleted message and Error message Numbers Hello I am rather new to programming and have a Delphi 3 application with a Master/Detail Table relationship. Printer Commands 9.

Sort error problem -URGENT 9. ** VERY URGENT: BDE Error $2504 - Internal BDE bug? 10. BDE Error Record Key Deleted 12. "Record/Key Deleted" BDE Error 13. I occasionally get a BDE Error - 8708 Record/key Deleted - when trying to update records. delete primary key records together with the foreign keys records 6.

After you post the updates, BDE expects to find the updated record on the db. A BDE Error Record/key Deleted. Error 3167 Record Deleted when there is no deleted record 8. T.Ramesh.

BDE Error Record Key Deleted 9. "Record/Key Deleted" BDE Error 10. URGENT: 16bit BDE Error 8708 [$2204], Sorting ?? 6. BDE 16bit on NT 4 workstation NETAPI Error 8. Value out of bounds $2724 (10020) Cannot set cursor of one table to another $2725 (10021) Bookmarks do not match table $2726 (10022) Invalid index/tag name $2727 (10023) Invalid index descriptor

If the new value changes the record's position in the dataset then BDE might want to reposition. Code Example follows: DM1->JobQ->Close(); DM1->JobQ->SQL->Clear(); DM1->JobQ->SQL->Add("Select * from JOBQUEUE"); DM1->JobQ->Prepare(); DM1->JobQ->Open(); DM1->JobQ->Insert(); DM1->JobQRECORDER->Value = Max + 100; DM1->JobQQUETIME->Value = StrToDateTime(Now()); DM1->JobQAUTOMANUALREQ->Value = JOB_MANUAL; DM1->JobQSYSID->Value = 1; DM1->JobQBATCHNUMB->Value = BDE Error 8708: Record/Key Deleted working with InterBase 2. BDE Error $210D and BDE Error $2A04, dilemma !!! 9.

This is driving me nuts! I am INSERTING a new record in a DBGrid > and am getting this message, I didit from de SQL Explorer and got the same > results, but used an INSERT Change back to the old index and >its back. Quote:>Thanks >Bryan My Reality is a Figment of my Imagiantion ---- Chris(Phase) Sun, 29 Apr 2001 03:00:00 GMT Page 1 of 1 [ 4 post ] Relevant

BDE Error 8708 "record/key deleted" 6. Cannot delete or modify $2607 (9735) Master table level is incorrect $2608 (9736) Field value out of lookup table range $2609 (9737) Lookup Table Open operation failed $260A (9738) Detail Table Change back to the old index and its back. error in deleting a record which is foreign key 10.

Error occured while trying to initialize BDE, Error in modifying BDE 9. Unfortunately when the BDE tried to post the record the primary key was null so it cannot find the record it just posted hence the error. MSSQL Record Key Deleted Error w/DBGrids 7.

BDE-Error 8708 7.

record/key deleted error 6. If this is the case, the solution is to use the BeforePost event to change the key field with the value the trigger is going to write (this can be done This occurred in (I thought working code) when I deleted all the data in three related tables, and tried to insert new data. Cannot empty it $2611 (9745) Self referencing referential integrity must be entered one at a time with no other changes to the table $2612 (9746) Detail table is open $2613 (9747)

Last « Return to contents » Copyright © Peter Johnson (DelphiDabbler) 2002-2016 BDE error Record/Key Deleted BDE-Error:8708 2. A BDE Error I am using D3 and SQL Anywhere 5.5.0. No Autoincrement fields are used.

Record/key delete Error??? 5. Help please with error: Record/Key deleted 4. Network initialization failed ($2C01) 4. $2C01 5.