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Windows Live Mail 2011 sandy :okay, Have you tried to reset password? It was my impression from the emails I got from ATT that this is why I had to change in the first place. Because doing that will mean she has to switch her outgoing server from mail.bellsouth.net to smtp.att.yahoo.com as mentioned by IAmNotSpartacus. For example: How can I move all the e-mails saved in my business subaccount (which won't send) to a new business subaccount I may have to establish to handle my ongoing http://onlinetvsoftware.net/error-code/bellsouth-error.php

Long ago I used Verizon and they started blocking anything that wasn't "From" [email protected] or a domain hosted by them. The mail server responded: From address not verified - see http://help.yahoo.com/1/us/yahoo/mail/original/manage/sendfrom-07.html. sailor View Public Profile Find all posts by sailor #8 05-30-2009, 12:12 AM sailor Registered User Join Date: Mar 2000 Quote: Originally Posted by Markxxx When AT&T blocked When I looked into the individual account settings after sending failed, I found that the troubled accounts had been sending to the old bellsouth outbound address.

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I tried two legacy A&T SMTP servers, but failed...I am no longer an active AT&T customer, hence the failures. Checking settings in new subaccount created this morning helped show the way. Method: -- In outgoing server, create a different server for each email address. -- Description field: e-mail address. -- Server name: outbound.att.net (as changed by att earlier this year) -- Port: I have spent over two hours on the phone today with Bellsouth customer service which was entirely a waste of time as we went through all sorts of irrelevant things for

We went through all of the measures I'd taken so far, with no results. ATT subaccounts still not sending, but still receiving. the change that really made a difference was for outgoing server: smtp.att.yahoo.com. At&t Error Message Prank That is no longer possible; all accounts seem to be independent freemail accounts now.[att=1][att=2][att=3]The add/manage sub account link first throws an expired security cert warning, than errors out.

It might be that Yahoo, which handles e-mail for att.net, which handles bellsouth.net, now requires different passwords for each e-mail address. Fake At&t Error Message The sending system should re-try. 521 <> is blocked The sending system has been identified as a source of spam. Robin Elkton, Maryland Meet The Experts: James K. Finally their diagnostic was that I needed to reinstall Outlook Express.

Maybe, by hints I collect online, it happened when Bellsouth was taken over by ATT. Att Error Code 0 Failed To Load Resource Of course other ISPs might block ports and cause problems but that is not an excuse for Bellsouth to block them and pre-emptively cause the problem themselves. Here's my troubleshooting information: Application Basics Name Thunderbird Version 38.3.0 User Agent Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10.6; rv:38.0) Gecko/20100101 Thunderbird/38.3.0 Profile Folder Show in Finder Application Build ID 20150928051427 Please verify that your email address is correct in your account settings and try again." This address was no help.

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ATT e-mail offers one main account, which is your sign-in to att, plus numerous possible subaccounts, which bear separate e-mail addresses and passwords. Thanks!But I can get the screen you show, and I enter the top lines and press SAVE. Att Error Codes If you have a low sender reputation, AT&T may not remove you from their spam blacklist. At&t Phone Error Codes If you have AT&T, BellSouth, or SBC Global delivery tips or blacklist removal tips, please let me know.

Having said all that, I think your issue is Yahoo. I have not had an active AT&T HSI account for over two years, but I am still an active AT&T Mobility customer. I liked that I could ask additional questions and get answered in a very short turn around. It doesn't seem to address this particular problem. At&t Error Code 486

Difficult (to interpret log), but posts in TB bugzilla have exploited it to help. Basically for ever, Yahoo would not use a mail account in a yahoo profile unless it was "verified" in the yahoo profile by them sending a mail to it and you AT&T Blacklist Verification If you are blacklisted at AT&T, you will get a bounced email from them. http://onlinetvsoftware.net/error-code/bellsouth-error-messages.php It is the greatest little email program ever.

It is not the fault of the guy in India reading the script and I don't blame him. Att Error Code 486 That sounds preposterous but he was adamant. I ask because I am a former customer.

I am finally able to send out emails.

simply doesn't work. Did you go to the URL given in the error message? Now I'm trying to figure out how to get Yahoo to verify the problem accounts. At&t Phone Error Code 486 comcast loses another area to another isp [ComcastXFINITY] by bbscript263.

The verification email has a link to click to verify the account you are adding is yours.This process can be done for up to ten email addresses (unless Yahoo! webmail site, but when sending from an email client like Thunderbird, you may be able to use fmailhost.isp.att.net (a real AT&T email server, not a Yahoo! christ1 Top 10 Contributor 1445 solutions 10163 answers Posted 10/19/15, 9:39 AM http://kb.mozillazine.org/Setting_and_changing_email_passwords http://kb.mozillazine.org/Setting_and_changing_email_passwords MartyEB Posted 10/19/15, 11:03 AM Question owner Thanks christ1. check my blog ATT subaccounts still not sending, but still receiving.

It is just that I prefer to have all my accounts in one email client and not have to visit a dozen sites. We cannot assist unless you have a Linux server with root level access. The outgoing server settings, at the bottom of my Thunderbird account settings list, work only for the main email account, at the top of the list. sailor View Public Profile Find all posts by sailor #26 08-30-2013, 04:22 PM MSer Guest Join Date: Aug 2013 Regarding sending out emails from a Bellsouth.net address: I

After talking to a Supervisor he found another excuse: Since I am not connecting right now to the internet using Bellsouth I cannot send emails. Having said all that, I think your issue is Yahoo. account1 (pop3) inbound.att.net:995 SSL passwordCleartext outbound.att.net:465 SSL passwordCleartext true account2 (none) Local Folders plain passwordCleartext account3 (pop3) inbound.att.net:995 SSL passwordCleartext outbound.att.net:465 SSL passwordCleartext true account4 (pop3) inbound.att.net:995 SSL passwordCleartext outbound.att.net:465 SSL Is that where I enter the name corresponding to xxxx and [email protected]?

Using various help material, nearly all from this string, I got all the problem subaccounts to send.