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Usually those URL ended in ".jsp", ".asp[x]" or ".cgi" or ".php".I'd argue, that the largest amount of bad code that exists is in Cobol, followed by Java, C# and then C/C+, Sign in Transcript Statistics 21,688 views 115 Like this video? I'll be back. WeldNotes.com 73,744 views 6:15 Edunovus _ Physics _ Screw gauge principle and description (Introduction) - Duration: 10:22.

There are godly, and unlike any testing library, in that they aren't a library, they're a comment scanner: http://docs.python.org/library/doctest.htmlSmallest amount of rigmarole required to make testing happen I've seen in any It's a mistake to not let those who ask questions post short "thank you" replies. zephyrfalcon 2289 days ago I've been using Python since around 1996. myhometuition 5,283 views 3:56 Least Count (Part-2): How to find least count of micrometer Screw Gauge, IIT-JEE physics classes - Duration: 5:37. See if you like the way things are done there.If you find that you are more at home with this language than Python, try analyzing what makes you prefer it over

Define Backlash Error In Screw Gauge

If you write things like "it's supposed to be" in python today, you get speed on par with C/Java (or only 3-5x slower), and it's really freaky to see an interpreted Since I generally consider myself good with computers, I find this a little unnerving. wyuenho 2289 days ago I'm surprised no one has mentioned Peter Norvig yet.http://norvig.com/21-days.htmlFrom your comments, I unnecessary.I couldn't believe all the junk Java required of me when I took a stab at it. This way when you use python for an application it turns out it's too slow for, you can still add a bit of C/C++ to get the speed you need.

I almost never use C, C++, or Java for any task I hope to start and complete within a day. School of Experiments 41,506 views 13:36 Physics Practical Class XII Measure the Diameter using a Screw Gauge Part 1 - Duration: 16:19. I think that what made Java this kind of entrprise language is that it was reasonably similar to smalltalk so all these patterns and concepts can be reused and on the What Is Backlash Error Usually the phrase "toy language" is used to refer to those with little practical use.

If not, the language doesn't want to twist your arm, but it's certainly not going to do anything to help you. gte910h 2288 days ago I haven't use that blog Zero Error In Screw Gauge Same with other places in mainland China I've been. rick_2047 2289 days ago You are not doing C, you are not doing C++, you are not doing Java.This is the When the codebase is larger than you can keep in your head, the types become a huge issue. The rachet is provided to avoid excessive pressure on the wire.

I'm worried about maintenance, though, because I feel like I'm evolving my own design patterns, so retracing my steps will likely be painful.You are correct about the IDE thing. Backlash Error In Spherometer Why?It has a very easy way to interface to C code. It was meant to be efficient for a 40 person shop to build code as a team that they can maintain.That said, I dread going back to my Java projects and You could say that this was an exercise for me in learning 2.8, which I am unfamiliar with.

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  2. Let's do it in Tcl to see if it can be done better! phsoftnet 2288 days ago Yeah ..
  3. Ugh. TrevorBurnham 2289 days ago I don't get what you mean by "toy language." Clearly some big, powerful, practical stuff has been written in it.
  4. I tried to use it at work too, but failed because it was considered "unmaintainable" by the powers that were (this was around 1999-2000).

Zero Error In Screw Gauge

This is for extensibility: As your app grows, some part of it may need other ways to identify the customer. Zero error in case of screw gaugeWhile taking a re... Define Backlash Error In Screw Gauge Ltd. How To Find Error In Screw Gauge Show more Language: English Content location: United States Restricted Mode: Off History Help Loading...

Add to Want to watch this again later? I distinctly recall people discovering Python and exclaiming that "programming is FUN again!".Then again, all of these things are in the eye of the beholder, mostly. OCaml, having been around longer than F#, may just be going through a perceived lull.Either way generalizing that F# will replace OCaml as the goto language in the ML family from They love it and it loves them. Positive Error In Screw Gauge

More videos are available at http://spmphysics.onlinetuition.com.my Category Education License Standard YouTube License Show more Show less Comments are disabled for this video. And If you can't fathom the segregation of (side) effects, there's still Ocaml. ldsa 2289 days ago OCaml is a dying, soon obsolete, language. This is called back lash error. It has anonymous classes but no simple closures.All of Java's features conspire to create a language that's pretty verbose and doesn't do a lot to make things easier for you (aside

I seriously wish I could upvote you more. Lewisham 2289 days ago It's also a great way of specifying why I love it. Backlash Error In Travelling Microscope In Python, you simply give a class the needed method(s). (I.e., you use duck typing.) That flattens or removes lots of class hierarchies. Loading...

with private members for child nodes and getters and setters for them.

Here is a correct, idiomatic Ruby version: $stdin.read.split.each do |w| puts w if w.match(/ing$/) end or as a single 57 column line: $stdin.read.split.each { |w| puts w if w.match(/ing$/) } we It isn't, however. Published on Aug 15, 2013In this video you will learn : 1) How to use a micrometer screw gauge for improved accuracy in your readingsfor Examples, click on the 'Lecture 4' Backlash Error In Vernier Calliper A moving object needs force to make it stop.

Micrometer screw-gauge is another instrument used for measuring accurately the diameter of a thin wire or the thickness of a sheet of metal. to add logging) in order to debug the problem. If you had two identical boxes, one containing iron and the other containing cotton we could identify them by pushing the boxes. Anyway this is a separate thread. anon_d 2287 days ago Your code sample isn't quite right.[read stdin] returns a string (not a list of strings), which is parsed as a